GlacierCTF 2023

We're thrilled to announce the return of GlacierCTF for its second edition, proudly organised by LosFuzzys.

Join us for a 48-hour jeopardy-style CTF where players of all skill levels are warmly welcomed. Experience an engaging range of challenges, including pwn, rev, web, crypto, smart contracts, and misc.

GlacierCTF 2023 is your opportunity to dive into the world of cybersecurity and enjoy a friendly competition with fellow enthusiasts. Get ready for an exciting weekend of hacking and problem-solving!

Register at to compete, and join our Discord to learn more!

Prizes: Open division

Notes: Open division

*How to earn the bonus on Yahoo’s bug bounty program:

  • First, work with your team to submit valid and unique vulnerabilities to Yahoo’s bug bounty program through Intigriti 60 days before the CTF. (Any team member may submit the report; make sure you include your team’s name in the report.)
  • Once your report is accepted, your CTF team will immediately be eligible to win the bonus
  • Finally, after the CTF’s leaderboard is published, if your team is in the top three spots of the CTF, Yahoo will reach out to you to confirm and award the bonus

Prizes: Academic division

1st place

  • IAIK Travel Grant for Graz Security Week 2024**
  • 2x Binary Ninja
  • 4x HTB Academy Silver Annual subscription

2nd place

  • Hak5 gadget
  • 2x Binary Ninja
  • 4x HTB VIP+ Annual

3rd place

  • 1x Binary Ninja
  • 4x HTB VIP Annual

4th place

  • 1x Binary Ninja
  • HTB Swag + 200€ swag gift card

5th place

  • HTB Swag

6th place

  • HTB Swag

Notes: Academic division

**The IAIK travel grant includes the following:

  • Registration fee for the Graz Security Week 2024 including full board according to the program
  • Travel costs in economy class to attend Graz Security Week (flight, train, bus, or public transportation)
  • Hotel accommodation in Graz including breakfast (maximum € 120 / night and person)
The travel grant covers up to EUR 4,000.00 for attending Graz Security Week 2024 in total. The actual split of the grant between the team members is up to the winners. The payment of the travel grant is done as reimbursement. Hence, the winners register for Graz security week 2024 and after attendance all receipts have to be submitted to The costs for registration, travel, and hotel will then be reimbursed.

Prizes: Top 10

Goodie Box with GlacierCTF T-shirts and Sticker.

Academic teams are also eligible for the open category prizes.



Only teams whose members are enrolled in a school or university are eligible to win the student category prizes. Teams from country that are sanctioned by the Austrian government or the European Union are exempt from receiving any prizes. To ensure this policy, in case of a team placing in the top 3, it's registered members will have to provide proof of citizenship or enrolment at a university.


During the competition, any of the following behaviours will result in immediate disqualification:

  • Any behaviour that affects the fairness of the competition
  • Posting, sharing task solutions or flags
  • Each team may register only once, and a person may belong to only one team
  • Intentionally prevent other teams from scoring flags
  • Attacking personnel, including participants and non-participants, or the competition system itself
  • Violation of the Code of Conduct